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improve your child's health

Workshop: This can be delivered as a workshop where there is a maximum of 20 parents/guardians to facilitate interaction and discussions throughout the workshop.

Talk: This can be delivered as a talk, with a more generalised questions and answers section at the end.

As the title suggests this talk/workshop is all about improving your child's health.  The key focus is on the role nutrition plays in balancing your child's energy levels, improving their learning ability, behaviour and overall health and happiness.  The key nutritional influences will be explained and practical advice will be given as Moya is a parent herself to 3 children.  Other influences on your child's health will be explained and recommendations provided.


The basis of this talk was first presented in September 2011 at the RDS (Dublin) - Rude Health Show, when Moya spoke on behalf of the NTOI (Nutritional Therapists of Ireland).  The title of the talk was "Boost Your Child's Health Through Healthy Eating".