Natural medicine approach


This workshop goes through the 3 phases of menopause: Pre, Peri & Post so is suitable for women from 40 - 60 years of age.  It covers the following topics

  • Understanding what is happening the in body during this phase in your life. How are the hormones changing and typical progression of the menopause. Myths and facts about the menopause are discussed.
  • Symptoms - what symptoms are down to the menopause and what are not !
  • Nutrition - foods that will help to smoothly navigate you through the menopause and what foods to avoid as they may trigger hot flushes and worsen other symptoms of the menopause.  
  • Lifestyle  - what lifestyle changes may help to alleviate symptoms and transition you into a healthier post-menopause lifestyle
  • We will discuss your mental attitude to the menopause and how this can affect the severity of your symptoms 
  • Other therapies that may be of benefit

This workshop is packed full of practical advice and tips and has a number of handouts and worksheets.