REduce your sugar intake

This is a very practical workshop on the topic of sugar.  It will cover the following topics:

  • Explanation of what sugar, in particular its place as a carbohydrate and its relationship to fibre and starch.
  • Fast releasing and slow releasing sugars explained and the health implications.
  • Discussion on the grams of sugar per day you should aim to reduce your intake level to. 
  • Reading the nutrition label in relation to 'of which sugars' and understanding what this means.  This is a hands on element with food products and labels being passed around. I also invite candidates to bring foods they regularly use to learn how to check the labels themselves.
  • Reading ingredient list to recognise hidden sugars in food.
  • Using the front of package label for quick decisions and recognising high, medium and low sugar content products
  • Natural versus added sugars - what is the difference.
  • Information on artificial sweeteners - pros and cons. 
  • The new trend with 'Polyols' in sugar free products, what they are and who should be careful consuming them!
  • Ideas and discussion on how to reduce your added sugar intake going through some sample breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
  • Questions are answered throughout the workshop.


rating of previous attendees:

5 Star - Excellent

Some of the topics or aspects of the workshop that attendees found most useful:

....will give me a whole new outlook to the sugar content to read food labels better

...visual aids

...comparing labels on products behind the idea

...sneaky ways they put sugar in your diet

...being able to get similar products with less sugar sample menu's

...hidden sugars/sweeteners in diet drinks

...general tips

...practical examples were excellent